Traffic running smoothly after crashes cause huge backups on eastbound I-94 in Minneapolis

Insane delays because of the crashes near downtown.
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Traffic appears to be moving normally again as the crashes have been cleared. 

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Drivers trying to get through downtown Minneapolis via eastbound Interstate 94 have been trudging through slowly as numerous of crashes has things stacked and packed on both sides of the Lowry Hill Tunnel. 

According to Google, there is a 27-minute delay on I-94 eastbound between Hennepin Ave. and 3rd Ave., and then a 40-minute delay on eastbound I-94 between 3rd Ave. and Hwy. 65. 

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The slowdowns begin (as of 11:50 a.m.) around N. 7th St. to the north of Hwy. 55 and continue all the way through the tunnel before things loosen up after Hwy. 65. It's also making the merge from eastbound I-394 more difficult. 

No word on how long it will take to clear the accidents and get things moving at a decent speed. 

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