Cretin-Derham Hall students suspended after reported vandalism

The school said their behavior was detrimental to school values.
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Students are Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul have been suspended for vandalism. 

According to WCCO, the suspension is for about three dozen students who also won't be allowed to attend Friday night's football game between Cretin-Derham Hall and Stillwater, nor are they allowed to go to the school's Homecoming dance on Saturday night. 

The TV station notes that the vandalism included toilet-papering yards "and other acts of vandalism in the community."

Exactly what the other forms of vandalism are remain unclear, and Cretin-Derham Hall declined to say when asked by Bring Me The News. 

A school spokesperson released the following statement. 

"Homecoming Week has traditionally celebrated the best of Cretin-Derham Hall. Expectations for behavior of Cretin-Derham Hall students, both on and off campus during Homecoming Week, were communicated to all students and parents.

"A small percentage of students engaged in activity that was detrimental to the values and reputation of Cretin-Derham Hall and were subject to disciplinary consequences as promised."

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