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Charges reveal details of Jayme Closs' kidnap, escape

Her alleged abductor is due in court Monday afternoon.

LATEST: Jake Patterson makes first court appearance in Jayme Closs case. More here.

Court documents have revealed more details of the night Jayme Closs' parents were killed and she was kidnapped, as well as how she escaped.

The criminal complaint against 21-year-old Jake Patterson has been released ahead of his first court appearance on Monday afternoon, after he was charged with Jayme's kidnapping and the murder of her parents, James and Denise Closs, on Oct. 15.

Here are some of the key points from the complaint (WARNING: This contains upsetting information).

The planning

– Jake Patterson first saw Jayme while working for two days at the Saputo Cheese Factory, south of Almena. During one of the drives to work, he stopped behind a school bus on Hwy. 8 and watched Jayme get on the bus. He had no idea who she was or who lived at the house, but "he knew that was the girl he was going to take."

– He quit his job and then bought a black balaclava-type mask from Walmart in Rice Lake, as part of his plan to conceal his identity.

– A week and a half before the kidnapping and double killing, he drove to the Closs home but was scared off because a number of cars were in the driveway. He then went back a few days later and noticed people were walking around the house and decided not to do it then either.

– Patterson told police he had used his dad's 12-gauge Mossberg pump shotgun in the killing of Jayme's parents, saying he'd chosen this one as it's one of the most heavily manufactured or owned shotguns and would be tough to trace. He also wiped down the shotgun and the shells while wearing gloves so there would be no prints or DNA on either of them, and shaved his face and head so as not to leave behind any hair at the scene.

– On the night he went through with it, Patterson said he removed the license plates from his red Ford Taurus before going to the Closs home. He also disconnected the dome light so it wouldn't turn on when he entered or exited the vehicle, and "coasted" up the driveway toward the Closs home so his vehicle wouldn't be heard.

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The night of the kidnapping, killings

– In the early hours of Oct. 15, Jayme told police she was woken by her dog barking and after getting up, noticed someone was coming up the driveway. She woke her parents up and her father went to investigate.

– Patterson said he fired the fatal shot through the front door at James Closs, who thought he was a police officer, before firing another shot to open the front door.

– Jayme and Denise heard the gunshot and Jayme told police she knew her father had been killed. They hid in the bathtub with the door closed. Her mother called 911 as Patterson tried to break down the bathroom door. When he got through, he found "Denise with her arms wrapped around Jayme in a bear hug" and told her to hang up. Patterson instructed Denise to put tape over Jayme's mouth, and then shot Denise Closs.

– Patterson taped Jayme's hands and ankles together and dragged her from the house, placing her in the trunk of his car before driving away, on a journey that Jayme said took around two hours.

– As deputies went to the scene, they passed what is believed to have been Patterson's maroon Ford Taurus going in the other direction. He pulled over to let the responding police vehicles go past.

– When asked what he would have done had police pulled him over, Patterson said he likely would have shot at police.

– He didn't even know Jayme's name until after the abduction, and after she'd been missing for 2 weeks, he said he'd basically assumed he'd gotten away with it.

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Captivity and escape

– While at his house in Eau Claire Acres, near Gordon, Wisconsin, Jayme was kept underneath his bed, which he'd pushed to the corner of his room and surrounded with bins and weights so he'd know if she moved them. He would get angry when she tried to move, and Patterson said he knew she was scared of him.

– Jayme said Patterson would have friends or relatives over – including his father – but threatened her to not let them know she was there or "bad things would happen to her." He would turn music on in his room while people were over so she couldn't hear what was happening.

– Patterson left the house for 12 hours over Christmas to visit his grandparents in Superior. He told Closs to hold it if she needed to go to the bathroom and she wasn't allowed to leave till he got back.

– On the day Jayme escaped, this past Thursday, Patterson left the house and told her he'd be gone for 5-6 hours. He made her go under the bed and placed the usual bins and weights around the bed. She managed to push them away and crawled out, putting on a pair of Patterson's shoes and walking out of the house. She then found Jeanne Nutter, who was walking her dog, and told her who she was.

– Jeanne Nutter said she was approached by Jayme, who said: "I'm Jayme Closs," "I don't know where I am," "He killed my parents," and "Please help - I want to go home."

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