Cub Foods asks shoppers to no longer openly carry guns in stores

It's also banning the sale of e-cigs and vaporizers.

Cub Foods has announced a change in store policy that includes requesting its shoppers no longer openly carry guns in its stores, even if they have an open-carry permit.

The retailer, which is the largest grocery chain in the Twin Cities, made the announcement on Saturday afternoon, at the same time as it announced it will no longer sell e-cigarette or vaping devices amid a wider public health crisis.

A larger public health crisis is the number of gun deaths happening in the U.S., with Cub Foods saying that it will be making the request of its shoppers not to bring guns to stores "following the recent tragic events throughout our country."

"While Minnesota is an open-carry state that allows individuals with lawful permits to carry firearms, we also respect the concerns and feedback shared by many of our customers following recent tragic events throughout our country," the company said in a statement.

"Therefore, we're respectfully asking our customers, other than law enforcement officials, to no longer openly carry firearms in our stores."

Cub Foods has 77 grocery stores across Minnesota and Illinois, but the vast majority of them are in Minnesota. It actually has 100 locations in Minnesota when Cub Liquor stores are taken into account.

E-cigarette sales discontinued

The ban on e-cigarette sales comes after dozens of incidents across the country that have seen vape users suffering from serious lung injuries as a result of using the devices.

In its statement, Cub says it's stopping the sale of the devices "due to increasing questions from the health community" and the "complex regulatory environment associated with these products."

Just last month, the Trump Administration announced it would be banning flavored e-cigarettes, while a study of Minnesota children this year found a "sharp rise" in vaping among 8th and 11th graders.

Cub Foods' parent company Supervalu was bought out last year, with its new owner announcing last week it intends to sell Cub Foods in early 2020.

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