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Dad charged with poisoning his kids' mom at Roseville public park

Thorbjorn MacBain has been charged with attempted murder.
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A Twin Cities man is facing trial on attempted murder charges after an alleged poisoning that nearly killed the woman he shares two children with. 

Thorbjorn MacBain, a 38-year-old St. Paul resident, was charged Friday over the incident, which happened during a custody visit with his kids at Roseville's Central Park.

According to a release from the local police department, officers were summoned to the park Wednesday on a report of a female suffering a medical emergency. 

When they arrived, MacBain told them he and his kids had been playing with water guns, and that the victim "had a panic attack after he sprayed her with water," the release says. He also told the officers that "she had other underlying health problems that may have contributed to her condition."

The victim — "whose symptoms were consistent with being poisoned with an organophosphate," a compound used in chemical warfare — nearly died at the hospital. 

When her condition stabilized, she reported to detectives that MacBain came up behind her while she was sitting on a park bench and "poured a liquid on her." This liquid "had a smell and feeling inconsistent with water," and immediately caused her to feel as if she was losing consciousness. Though she had difficulty speaking, she managed to call 911.

According to authorities, detectives also learned that "one of the two children was slightly splashed with the liquid and developed mild symptoms." 

"Out of an abundance of caution," hazardous evidence teams were sent to assess the park after the incident, ultimately determining that there was no risk to public safety there.

MacBain was taken into custody on Thursday. He was charged the next day with both 2nd degree attempted murder and 2nd degree assault. 

Authorities are asking anyone with information on the case to submit a tip to Roseville police at 651-792-7008, or online at

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