Daring rescue as runaway school bus hits several cars on Minnesota highway

The driver was having a medical emergency.
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There was drama in western Minnesota when a runaway school bus went down the wrong side of a Minnesota highway, hitting multiple cars.

The incident unfolded just after noon on Wednesday, when the Yellow Medicine County Sheriff's Office received several 911 calls stating a Renville County West School District bus was on the wrong side of the road, and had hit several vehicles on Hwy. 212 in Granite Falls.

The bus then didn't stop to see if anyone was alright, with police eventually catching up with the bus near County Road 5 and 212.

The bus failed to pull over, and with officers figuring the driver was suffering a medical emergency, so they pulled around the bus to slow down oncoming traffic and to try and stop the bus.

It was then that a daring rescue effort was launched, and fortunately proved successful.

"That deputy performed a rolling road block, slowing the bus down enough, for a passerby to jump out of his vehicle and reach in and place the bus in park," the sheriff's office said.

"The driver of the bus was found to be experiencing a medical emergency, the driver of the bus was transported by the Granite Falls Ambulance to the Granite Falls Hospital, and the condition of the driver is unknown at this time."

The bus damaged three vehicles in total, two in Granite Falls and one squad car, but nobody was injured.

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