Death of 26-year-old Minnesota man in Tennessee linked to vaping THC

Minnesota has recorded three vaping-associated deaths.

A 26-year-old Minnesota native recently died while in Nashville, Tennessee.

The state announced Thursday in a news release that this is Tennessee's first vaping-related death.

Evhen Cameron had been hospitalized earlier this month, according to this Facebook post. He wrote his weeklong hospital stay was related to vaping THC and CBD cartridges.

"It was pretty touch and go for a few days, and the recovery is going to be a real long haul, but my doctors are confident I will recover over the next year," the post says. "Chemical burns in the lungs are no joke ... People are dying and I was way too close to being one of them.

That night, he went into cardiac arrest and died, KSTP reports.

His girlfriend told the TV station that Cameron was taking anxiety medication and had been smoking marijuana to "offset the side effects," though only started vaping in July.

This news comes just days after the Minnesota Department of Health confirmed the second and third vaping-related deaths in Minnesota. Deaths and injuries are being recorded online.

Currently, there are 77 confirmed or probable cases of vaping-associated lung injuries in the state.

Nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports there have been nearly 1,500 lung injury cases associated with e-cigarette products. As of Oct. 15, 33 deaths have been confirmed in 24 states. 

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