Deer carcasses left on hoods of cars outside St. Cloud YMCA

One of the victims says the carcasses were placed on vehicles belonging to Somali immigrants.
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St. Cloud Police Department is investigating after two deer carcasses were left on the hoods of vehicles parked outside the St. Cloud YMCA on Wednesday night. 

One of the victims says he reported it as a hate crime since both vehicles targeted Somali immigrants, though police do not believe the people responsible deliberately targeted them.

"Tonight I went to Gym at St Cloud YMCA only to come out and see a deer carcass on my hood," wrote Ali Abdullahi on Facebook. "The person who did this also put another carcass on another car belonging some Somali teenagers. 

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St. Cloud police reviewed surveillance video that showed a 62-year-old man from St. Cloud sitting his in vehicle while his 14-year-old son put the carcasses on the cars, doing so after they checked into the YMCA. 

The suspects told police they needed to get rid of the carcasses, thus choosing to put them on the vehicles.

Police do not think the suspects knew either of the victims, saying there was nothing on or inside the cars that would have designated the victims as Somali.

The case will now be forwarded to the St. Cloud City Attorney for a decision on charges.

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