Delta to remove single-use plastic, including straws and stirrers, from all flights

It comes amid a growing movement to reduce plastic waste.
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Plastic straws and stir sticks will disappear from Delta planes in mid-2019, the airline announced on Wednesday.

The carrier says it's taking the eco-friendly step to replace single-use plastic with more sustainable alternatives.

Bamboo straws and birchwood stir sticks will be introduced part-way through next year, while plastic wrappers and utensils will also be removed from its planes and Sky Clubs.

The move is expected to reduce Delta's plastic waste by 300,000 pounds annually, and comes amid a wider global movement to reduce plastic waste.

Delta currently uses 12 million plastic stirrers and 170 million plastic straws every year. 

While many single-use plastics are recyclable, they still take hundreds of years to biodegrade, and a lot of plastic is still finding its way into the world's oceans, where it can then be consumed by sea life, with potentially fatal consequences.

The BBC reports that the European Union is currently considering a ban on single-use plastics to prevent the pollution of the world's oceans.

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