Democratic poll: Klobuchar leads Sanders in Minnesota

Sanders carried the state in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.
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Amy Klobuchar is leading the polls in her home state of Minnesota ahead of the Democratic primary on Super Tuesday, Mar. 3.

In what is one of few polls taken of likely voters in Minnesota ahead of the crucial primary, the UMass poll released Thursday puts Klobuchar at 27 percent of Democratic voters.

She's ahead of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is currently the favorite to secure the nomination, and who has 21 percent support, with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren third at 16 percent.

Only candidates who get 15 percent or more would qualify to get delegates.

The poll was taken between Feb. 12-19, before the most recent Democratic debate in which many analysts say Warren had the strongest performance.

Behind Warren is Pete Buttigieg at 10 percent (though that was before he ripped Walter Mondale), followed by Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg on 9 percent each.

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The only similar poll to compare it to was taken last September, when Warren was the preferred choice among Minnesotans at 25 percent, followed by Klobuchar (15 percent), Biden (14 percent) and Sanders (13 percent).

Poll results released on Thursday also included Texas and North Carolina. Sanders leads in both of them, three points ahead of Biden in Texas, and four ahead of Bloomberg in North Carolina.

Klobuchar is in fifth and sixth in those states, respectively, and may find it difficult to keep up the momentum she got from her third-place finish in New Hampshire, with the latest financial filings finding her cash resources are dwindling.

The Minnesota senator has announced that after the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, she will be campaigning in Fargo, North Dakota, as well as Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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