Freezing man reported to police turned out to be a cutout of the MyPillow guy

This is hilarious.
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A man standing outside a home in Jordan, wearing no coat while holding a pillow is doing just fine, because it wasn't a man at all. 

Jordan Police Department says it was called to a home on Thursday after receiving report of motionless man with the pillow.

Concerned that some poor soul was in life-threatening danger in the freezing cold, officers went to offer assistance.

However, they arrived to discover that "the adult male in need of possible assistance was actually a cardboard cutout of MyPillow CEO and inventor Mike Lindell."

Jordan PD says the cardboard cutouts "can look real from a distance," and added: "The caller certainly was not wanting to get too close thinking who is this deranged person standing outside in the cold hugging a pillow." 

This is not the first time that Lindell's likeness has freaked out Minnesotans.

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A couple of years back, motorists reported being startled by the same cardboard cutouts staring out of a window near the Scott County courthouse in Shakopee.

If you'd like a life-sized cardboard cutout of the MyPillow guy, you can buy them on the website for $39.99. 

This story is just as good as the dogs calling 911 in Lakeville more than a dozen times a couple of weeks ago. 

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