Developer seeks to evict Aqua Nightclub after shooting injures 3

The shooting left three people injured on Monday morning.
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The company that owns the building space leased by Aqua Nightclub in downtown Minneapolis is seeking to have the club evicted. 

Bring Me The News obtained a copy of an email Swervo Development Corporation sent to building tenants and colleagues on Monday.

It says that a shooting at Aqua Nightclub, located at 400 North 1st Avenue, early Monday morning that injured three is a failure of the club's management to provide proper safety measures, thus they have "commenced eviction proceedings against the club." 

Minneapolis police said Monday that the suspect fled the scene and all three victims suffered injuries not considered life-threatening. 

The email from Swervo states: "The news also underscores our long-held belief that mismanaged establishments like this are not compatible with the tenant mix of our buildings and with the character of the neighborhood."

Twin Cities Entertainment, which runs the nightclub, issued a statement through its attorneys on Monday saying it has worked with the City of Minneapolis to "ensure a safe and pleasing environment," incorporating security cameras and metal detectors into its security measures. 

The club is reviewing its security protocols and in doing so plans to remain closed through Oct. 24 to "evaluate how best to go forward." 

Swervo also promises to review safety and security measures at all of its Minnesota developments. 

Bring Me The News reached out to Swervo and Aqua Nightclub for comment and has yet to hear back. The story will be updated if a response is received. 

Here's the full email sent by Swervo on Monday. 

"Dear Tenants, Colleagues and Friends of Swervo Development Corporation and Subsidiaries: 

Like everyone, we are disturbed by the news of this morning’s shooting at the Aqua Nightclub. Our thoughts are with the victims for a full recovery and with law enforcement in its ongoing efforts to find those responsible. The news also underscores our long-held belief that mismanaged establishments like this are not compatible with the tenant mix of our buildings and with the character of the neighborhood. 

The safety and security requirements for such venues are substantial and require an experienced, committed, well-resourced operator to execute effectively. Because we have had concerns about Aqua’s current management team and security protocol for some time, we have commenced eviction proceedings against the club. 

Today’s news only motivates us to redouble those efforts. Taking a step back, public safety is a topic for the community as a whole. What entertainment options do we – as a community – want to encourage and support in our downtown neighborhoods? What are the community’s views on the “appropriate uses” for properties in this area of the city? How can we – as a community – best provide effective public safety for all of our citizens?

These are questions for everyone – elected officials, law enforcement, property owners, businesspeople, residents, community leaders – and the answers are not always simple or easily settled. Even so, we are using this event as the trigger for a comprehensive review of the specific safety and security procedures at each of our downtown properties. 

Our intent is to make our strong safety program even better by looking at the specific safety and security profile for each property – access, lighting, monitoring and more – as well as our tenant mix and a consideration of how the area’s properties should be developed for the long-term. 

As a business with significant investments in the area, and as individuals who care about our community, our goal is to ensure the safety and security of everyone who works here, lives here or who makes downtown Minneapolis their entertainment destination. As we move forward in these areas, we welcome your input. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us at Swervo with your ideas, concerns and questions."

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