DFLer Dan Feehan to once again challenge for 1st District seat

He lost narrowly to Rep. Jim Hagedorn in 2018.
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Democrat Dan Feehan will once again stand for the U.S. House seat he narrowly missed out on in 2018, as he challenges Rep. Jim Hagedorn in the 1st District.

Feehan, an Army veteran and former middle school teacher, announced on Tuesday he will run for the DFL nomination for Hagedorn's seat.

The 1st District was the closest House race in the 2018 mid-terms, with Feehan losing out to the Republican by a margin of just 0.4 percent, representing 1,315 votes.

In his announcement, Feehan said he would look to "solve the problems facing the families of Minnesota's 1st Congressional District."

"As a former soldier, teacher, and public servant, I believe our politics should be about putting people first," he said. 

"After 9/11, I volunteered for the Army because I love our country — and when my platoon was taking fire in Iraq, we were in it together, regardless of race, religion or politics. That’s what makes America great.

"Here in southern Minnesota, we work hard and come together to solve problems and I will take that same approach to fix Washington, D.C. I know that by bringing people together, we can make high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable for all; I know that together, we can keep markets open for our farmers and return strength to our ag economy; together we can build a society where everyone matters."

Prior to Hagedorn's election, the 1st District was held by now Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, who managed to hold on to his seat in 2016 despite President Donald Trump carrying it by 15 points.

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But the largely rural district has faced challenges under the Trump Administration, with the continued trade war with China having an impact on soybean growers in particular after retaliatory tariffs were placed on soybean exports by the Asian nation.

In a statement, Minnesota GOP chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan, who is married to Rep. Hagedorn, said: "During 2018's blue wave, voters in the First Congressional District rejected Dan Feehan and his socialist, far-left policies, but today he announced he's back for round two.

"Feehan would be better suited in returning to the swamp where he spent 20 years than another failed attempt at pushing his progressive policies in Southern Minnesota."

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