Dog videoed being shot may have also been beaten with golf clubs

Police say they've had reports of a second video showing the animal's mistreatment.
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Police investigating the death of a dog in Wadena County have had reports that a second video is circulating showing the animal being beaten.

The Wadena County Sheriff's Office announced earlier this week that they'd found a dead dog at a campground on the Mississippi River, with evidence that it had been shot.

A video then appeared on Facebook that showed the collared and leashed down being shot by one person, while another person kicked it, with the dog appearing motionless before and after the shooting.

Police tracked down the two individuals tagged in the video and spoke with them as part of their investigation, though it's not clear what if any action has been taken against them yet.

Nonetheless, after news of the first video came out, deputies received calls suggesting there is a second video showing the same dog being abused, this time with golf clubs, prior to being shot.

"The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office and the assisting agencies have not received a copy of this video nor do we know if this video actually exists or if this did in fact happen," the sheriff's office said.

It's looking for anyone with information about this potential second video to call it on 218-631-7600.

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