Donor offers $100,000 to fix Hastings soccer fields ruined by doughnut-whipping vandals

The city's Parks and Rec director said they're "extremely grateful."
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The Hastings soccer fields damaged beyond use by people whipping doughnuts will be fixed, thanks to a significant donation.

The city says a woman named Caroline Amplatz came forward and offered $100,000 to fund repairs of the Vet's Athletic Complex soccer fields.

"We are extremely grateful to be the recipient of such a meaningful donation," Parks and Rec Director Chris Jenkins said in a statement.

The city council accepted the donation, designated it for repairs, and already has a repair proposal from a contractor. The goal is to start work as soon as possible, and get players back on the fields in May. Weather and field conditions could delay things, however.

The tires ultimately damaged about 200,000 square feet of the fields, with ruts 8-10 inches deep. Two men were arrested and charged with criminal property damage in the case, which happened in late March.

"This outcome is very fortunate for our city and for the hundreds of players affected by the situation," Jenkins added.

Shortly after the Hastings incident, West St. Paul discovered it had also been struck by doughnut-whipping vandals. The city was looking at an estimated $4,000 in damages.

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