Dozens of arrests as peaceful protest continues past curfew at State Capitol

Protesters in Minneapolis meanwhile stayed at 38th and Chicago till the early hours.
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Authorities in St. Paul said they made 48 arrests on what was another peaceful night of protesting in the Twin Cities, as a demonstration for George Floyd outside the State Capitol continued past the 10 p.m. curfew.

St. Paul Police Department says that as well as the arrests at the Capitol, a protester support vehicle was towed. It was marked as a "medic vehicle" and police say there were helmets and a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire inside.

It also said there were milk containers in the vehicle – milk is used to help those suffering from tear gas exposure – and an image shared by police shows there were also First Aid supplies.

The Minnesota DPS said the total number arrested by all agencies at the Capitol was 66.

In Minneapolis, a large crowd of protesters gathered at 38th and Chicago, the scene of Floyd's death, and were uninterrupted by law enforcement throughout the night despite the curfew.

The area outside of Cup Foods has been peaceful throughout the past week of protests, and it seems that is now being recognized by law enforcement, which is allowing the vigil to continue.

St. Paul Police Department on Monday provided some details to BMTN of some of the plateless and suspicious vehicles or groups it has been stopping around the city, which comes after days of reports that small groups were roving the metro looting and setting fires.

Police spokesman Mike Ernster provided a few examples of the discoveries officers have made in recent days, while acknowledging there are more stoppages he doesn't yet have the details for.

– Sunday 11 p.m. officers called to an abandoned pickup truck loaded with construction equipment. 911 callers noted it wasn't from the area and they had seen people coming and going from the truck, retrieving items. The truck was towed.

– Officers found a group of people out after curfew at Cromwell and University, who fled when officers saw them. They were found around a vehicle at Bayless and Manvel, with officers finding one man armed with a 9mm handgun. A further search of the vehicle found two more handguns and two bullet-proof vests.

– Several instances where officers encountered vehicles with no plates driving in the city. "When officers attempted to stop the vehicles, they fled," Ernster said. "We did not pursue them. Safety is a big concern in these situations and pulling resources to stop these vehicles was not a priority at the time."

"It’s important to note that we had been made aware of people driving around the Twin Cities in vehicles without plates, then getting involved in the destruction of property," Ernster added.

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