Driver crashes watching Netflix at 70 mph on Interstate 94

Common sense, people. Common sense.
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No matter how comfortable you are in your car, it's never a good idea to watch Netflix while you're driving. 

It's sound advice that apparently not everyone follows, because a 20-year-old Maplewood woman watching Netflix while driving on Interstate 94 at 70 mph crashed recently. 

The crash happened Oct. 28 on I-94 between Rothsay and Fergus Falls in west-central Minnesota. Roads were wet at the time and she left the roadway and slammed into a median.

The driver, Taylor Thiets, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to Lake Region Hospital in Fergus Falls. 

She's since been charged with a misdemeanor for using a wireless device while driving, which will cost her at least $225, according to Minnesota law

Prior to the crash, police received several 911 calls from motorists who saw Thiets driving erratically, and Minnesota State Patrol troopers weren't able to reach her before she crashed. 

"The driver eventually admitted that she had her iPad on the passenger seat and was watching Netflix," the Minnesota State Patrol said in a Facebook post

As for what Thiets was watching ... the State Patrol isn't saying because the case is still open. 

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