Driver hits trifecta with 3 speeding tickets in 1 hour

He was caught going 55 mph OVER the speed limit.
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state patrol

A motorist with an apparent lead foot was pulled over for speeding three times in one hour. 

The trifecta happened Feb. 16 in southwest Minnesota, with the Minnesota State Patrol reporting the 24-year-old South Dakota man was stopped three times in Pipestone County. 

First up, a Pipestone County deputy ticketed the man for doing 92 mph in a 60 mph zone. 

Minutes later, a trooper got him for a blazing-fast 115 mph in a 60 mph zone on Hwy. 23. 

"After releasing the driver, our trooper noticed the vehicle speeding again," explained the State Patrol. "For the third time in a less than an hour, another trooper stopped and cited the motorist for speeding. Oh, and for not wearing a seat belt."

"Slow down! The speed limit is the law, not a suggestion," the State Patrol said. 

No word if the guy still has his license. 

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