Driver in custody after high-speed chase from Ramsey to Chisago County

The suspect is "refusing to identify himself."
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The coronavirus has put a lot of activities on hold for the time being, but it would seem that high-speed pursuits have been spared. 

An as-yet unidentified man is in custody following a chase that began in Ramsey County and ended in North Branch, Chisago County, early Friday morning. 

According to a release from the Chisago County sheriff, "a possible impaired driver driving recklessly" came into the area via northbound Interstate 35E around 4:30 a.m., after deputies from Ramsey and Washington counties had broken off pursuit.

They did, however, alert local deputies, who quickly found the vehicle near the city of Stacy and took up the pursuit.

Though the chase reached a speed of about 90 miles per hour, it didn't last long. After a few miles, a North Branch Police Department officer successfully used stop sticks to pop the vehicle's tires, allowing law enforcement to pull the suspect over and take him into custody.  

Per the Saturday morning press release, all authorities know about the suspect is that he's male, as he hasn't been identified and is "refusing to identify himself."

Nonetheless, he's facing felony charges of fleeing police in a motor vehicle. 

Speeding drivers are keeping authorities busy during the pandemic. This past week, the State Patrol announced that 78 citations were issued for 100-plus mph speeds between Mar. 27 and Apr. 13.

That's triple the number of similar citations issued during the same period last year. 

Meanwhile, DWIs have also increased in recent weeks — after initially dropping during the early stages of Stay at Home orders.

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