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Driver injured by ice chunk that fell from truck ahead

It's state law to remove ice and snow from vehicles before driving.
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Good advice for everyone comes from the Dunn County Sheriff's Office in western Wisconsin, warning motorists to clean vehicles from snow and ice before before traveling on highways and interstates. 

The urging comes after a 1998 Buick traveling southbound on County Hwy. B near Tainter, Wisconsin, was struck by a large chunk of ice that fell off the roof of a truck and smashed through the car's windshield. 


As you can see in the photos, the ice chunk caused significant damage to the Buick, even causing minor injuries to the driver.

The snowy ice chunk hit with enough force that it went through the windshield and  left a pile of snow near the back window above the rear seats. 

It's law in Minnesota to remove snow and ice from vehicles before driving. 

According to Sgt. Neil Dickenson of the Minnesota State Patrol, it's the "unsecured load" statute. 

"Ice or any type of debris that comes off a vehicle could be considered an unsecured load. Drivers should be concerned about civil liability if they fail to take reasonable steps to remove snow and ice that result in property damage or injuries from a crash," Dickenson wrote in a Q&A for the Duluth News Tribune

People are encouraged to try and get the license plate number of vehicles that have snow/ice falling as debris, and then report that number to local law enforcement. 


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