Drunk-driver let his 1-year-old child take the wheel, charges say

The Hopkins man is facing several charges.
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Drunk driving

A father from Hopkins is in serious trouble with authorities over his choice of designated driver – his 1-year-old child.

Domonic Green, 31, was pulled over by police on Main Street and 5th Avenue North in Hopkins on Saturday, July 7, after officers received a report of a man allowing his child to drive.

When they found Green in the driver's seat, neither he or his child were wearing a seat belt or any kind of restraint.

An open bottle of tequila was on the passenger seat and a red solo cup in the cup holder, while Green's "speech was slow and slurred, and his movements were clumsy."

He initially tried to pass off the tequila bottle as belonging to someone else, and when told the child needed to be in a car seat, he "first stated something unintelligible and then stated that he had just gone around the block."

His apparently poor attempt at sobriety continued, as when he asked how much he'd had to drink, he allegedly said: "I'm not even circumference to do that."

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He then refused to perform any field sobriety tests or provide a breath test, so was placed under arrest.

When he got to the police station, he choose to call the child's mother rather than a lawyer, and continued to refuse a breath test.

Further examination of his record found that he had been banned from driving on Jan. 6 of this year because of DWI, and was convicted of another DWI on July 2.

He is facing charges of DWI, child endangerment, and refusing to submit a breath test.

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