Drunk-driver pleads guilty to wrong-way crash that killed talented students

The teens, 18 and 19, died in the crash on I-94.
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After drinking 10 shots of tequila in 90 minutes, Quoc Tran got in his car and caused a wrong-way crash that killed two teenagers.

The 26-year-old was rushing to get home in the early hours of Tuesday, Sept. 26 after drinking at two downtown bars, and didn't realize he was going the wrong way along North 4th Street in his BMW.

He then entered I-94 going the wrong direction, driving eastbound in the westbound lane near Lowry Avenue at "freeway speeds" when he crashed head-on with another car.

Behind the wheel of that car was 18-year-old Diana Rojas Martinez and 19-year-old passenger Christopher Bunay, who were both killed in the crash.

Tran said the next the last thing he remembered was realizing he was traveling the wrong way, and then waking up in hospital.

Martinez's father spoke at the court hearing, as well as reading a letter from Bunay's parents, with both saying their children had bright futures in medicine.

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They don't approve of the sentence agreed upon by prosecutors, capped at eight years, saying it's not long enough.

Rojas-Martinez and Buñay had graduated from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School just three months before, according to an announcement from the school.

"They were fierce friends, hard-working students and driven to succeed in all parts of their lives," the announcement said. "They will be dearly missed by the entire Cristo Rey Jesuit family."

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