Duck hunter managed to get friend back to shore after kayak began to sink

The water emergency unfolded on Thursday afternoon.
Kayak lake

A duck hunter in northern Minnesota had a lucky escape when his kayak began to sink on his way back to the landing.

The drama unfolded on Big Rice Lake in Sandy Township, St. Louis County, at around 4 p.m. on Thursday.

Levi Ritacco 24, of Virginia, was out duck hunting with his friend Brennan Carlson, 23, Soudan, in separate kayaks on the lake.

As they were on their way back to the landing, Ritacco's kayak began taking on water, and then started to sink.

Ritacco got his friend's attention by firing a couple of rounds into the air, with Carlson then paddling over to his friend's quickly submerging craft.

Ritacco able to hold on to Carlson's kayak as he paddled back to shore, reaching it safely without injury.

On Facebook Friday, Ritacco noted he's "very thankful to be around," noting he must have had too much weight in his kayak, noting it filled up with water "so quick."

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