Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge is stuck due to weight of ice after weekend blizzard

The city was slammed with snow over the weekend.
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Duluth's famous Aerial Lift Bridge is stuck in the down position after this weekend's blizzard.

The City of Duluth says that lift bridge operations have been shut down "due to weight from ice," which follows the weekend storm that dumped 22 inches of snow in the city.

Ships that are approaching the Twin Ports are being redirected through the Superior Front Channel entrance, between Park Point and Wisconsin Point.

The city says it will start "deicing operations" to get the bridge moving again on Tuesday, while the eastern sidewalk of the bridge has also been closed for safety reasons.

KBJR 6 reports that the Superior channel might pose a challenge for ship captains as it's shallower than the Duluth Ship Channel, and is also longer so will lead to higher costs.

A "no travel advisory" imposed in the city over the weekend was lifted on Monday, as city snow plows set about removing the snow from roadways.

All of the main roads in the city had been plowed as of Monday morning, while crews gave been clearing residential streets throughout the rest of the day.

"The City continues to thank residents for their patience while snow removal operations continue," the City of Duluth said.

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