Edina backs off from plan for a land bridge over Hwy. 100 – for now

The suburb was trying to solve the problem of being bisected by Hwy. 100.
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How do you solve a problem like Edina? Building a land bridge is the solution proposed for the Twin Cities suburb.

But those ambitious plans are on the back burner for now, with Edina City Council clarifying that its vision for the project named Grandview Green won't be realized until well into the future.

Grandview Green seeks the solve a perennial problem in Edina, the fact that its neighborhoods are split up by Highway 100 north-to-south, and Hwy. 62 east-to-west.

The proposed project would have addressed at least part of that problem by creating a 750-foot long land bridge over Hwy. 100 at the West 50th Street exit, with Vernon Avenue South at the north end and Eden Avenue at the south.

This "freeway lid" would create 8 acres of public space and help join the neighborhoods currently separated by the busy highway.

But at a Housing and Redevelopment Authority meeting last week, the council responded to some confusion among local residents about how soon the development would arrive.

"If deemed viable, this is a complex concept that would require coordination among several government agencies and private sector investors," the city said in a statement. 

"There are no immediate plans to fund or construct this future public/private redevelopment concept."

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The Star Tribune reports that some community members had been under the impression that construction would commence at some point in the next few years.

In fairness to those residents, a presentation given to the council in August 2017 did highlight a 5-year plan for Grandview Green that would have seen construction start in 2020.

But the city's economic development manager Bill Neuendorf clarified that while they intend to consider the project in the future, "the future could be decades from now."

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