Elizabeth Warren the early favorite in 2020 MN primary poll

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who represents Minnesota, came in fourth.
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Presidential primary season may be almost a year away, but we already have an indication of who Minnesota might cast its vote for.

A new poll conducted by Change Research says voters favor Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren over the other top Democratic presidential candidates — but just barely. 

Polling at 21 percent, Warren has a one-point lead over former Vice President Joe Biden (the Democratic frontrunner, nationally) and a two-point lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won Minnesota during the 2016 primary season.

Interestingly, Minnesota's own Sen. Amy Klobuchar came in fourth:

Change Research says it surveyed 1,568 registered voters in Minnesota last week, asking them over 50 questions about "state issues, the Trump administration agenda, and more."

The researchers found Warren has an edge among women, while "men prefer Sanders."

Sanders also leads among younger and middle-aged voters, while Biden has a strong showing from older voters (50-64 and 65+).

You can read the full analysis of the poll results right here.

Speaking of primaries, the 2020 one will technically be our first. 

2016 was the last hurrah of Minnesota's longstanding caucus system, which the state legislature did away with over a number of logistical problems voters ran into at their polling places.

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