Encouraging signs in Officer Arik Matson's recovery from being shot in head

His family says he's been able to sit up on the edge of the bed.
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Arik Matson

The family of Waseca police officer Arik Matson has provided an encouraging update on his progress since being shot in the head.

Matson, 32, was critically wounded while trying to apprehend a suspect in Waseca on Jan. 6.

On Friday, his sister-in-law Nicole provided an update on CaringBridge that says the father-of-two was able to sit up on the edge of the bed for "3 minutes or so" during a physical therapy session.

"He got to stretch out and shift positions so that was good," she wrote. "They plan to do that every day and expect that he'll be able to sit longer each time."

Matson has also had his breathing tube removed, with a tracheostomy put in instead, and Nicole Matson says he is breathing on his own "with a little help from the ventilator from time to time when he tires out."

Despite this positive update, Matson still faces more surgery on his brain and skull, with his wife noting he still needs to undergo reconstruction to fix skull fractures and fractures around his eye.

He also might require some work to drain cerebral spinal fluid that appears to have built up on the left side of his skull, and is currently on a course of antibiotics after a chest X-ray showed showed some pneumonia.

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Spirits have been lifted by another gift sent by the Minnesota Vikings – the third one the team has sent – in the form of a Vikings helmet signed by Adam Thielen ("one of Arik's favorite players").

A GoFundMe campaign to raise money to Matson's recovery and his family has so far reached $182,000, though Nicole Matson says there is apparently a fake campaign out there too. This is the genuine one.

The man charged with shooting him, Tyler Janovsky, has been released from the hospital after being shot during the incident that wounded Matson. He is currently being held at Oak Park Heights prison, after being charged with three counts of 1st-degree attempted murder.

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