Ex-Farmington fire chief suspended from new job in Vermont

James Larsen left his role in Farmington under a cloud in 2017.
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James Larsen

The former fire chief for the City of Farmington has reportedly been suspended from his new role in Vermont.

James Larsen stepped down from his role in Farmington in November 2017 at the request of the city council, with the city not saying why he had been asked to leave.

But the Pioneer Press, citing sources, reported at the time he'd caused unrest in the department for placing too many demands on volunteers.

He has since took up a position as the fire chief in Rutland, Vermont, where it's been reported this week that he's been suspended by the city's mayor for a week.

Per the VT Digger, Rutland Mayor David Allaire said in a letter to Larsen that he has been "intimidating, bullying, condescending and/or belittling" towards other fire department members."

Larsen was placed on a week-long suspension having created a "toxic" workplace atmosphere, with Allaire citing incidents where he lost his temper with staff.

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That unpaid suspension has since become paid administrative leave, with Larsen's alleged actions coming to the mayor's attention after a letter signed by 16 staff members was received while Larsen was on vacation.

Larsen became the City of Farmington's first full-time fire chief in 2015, and received praise for changes he made within the department organizationally, though the Pioneer Press notes it was met with resistance from some firefighters.

Larsen did not comment when asked by the Rutland Herald, which has laid out more of the allegations about his conduct.

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