Family remembers 'beautiful soul' killed in Wisconsin mass murder

Laile Vang, 24, was killed by Ritchie German, Jr. after he had slain his family members.
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Friends of a young woman killed by a mass murderer in Wisconsin over the weekend have paid tribute to the "beautiful soul."

Laile Vang, 24, was seemingly chosen at random at her home in Lake Hallie on Sunday by Ritchie German, Jr. in what police have suggested was an attempt to emulate the Jayme Closs abduction.

After killing his mother, brother and nephew, German broke into Vang's house, shot her parents – seriously injuring them – before killing Vang and himself.

The woman had never met German, only receiving an unsolicited text message to which she replied "who is this? I don't know you."

A GoFundMe campaign launched to help the Vang family, which has so far raised more than $20,000, has described the Chippewa Falls High School graduate as "kind to everyone, always smiling, and never cruel."

"She enjoyed traveling the world, eating delicious food, taking photos, and listening to good music," wrote Leni Sujin, Laile Vang's cousin.

"Laile was the glue that held her family together. She was the big sister that everyone turned to for advice. She was the daughter that helped her parents with bills and chores. She was the friend that always offered a lending hand and listening ear."

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The fundraiser is aimed at helping Vang's parents recover from their injuries.

Both had to have their arms amputated after they were shot trying to defend themselves after German broke into their home.

The GoFundMe says the pair worked hard to support their family by selling produce at farmer's markets. Vang's father, Teng, was also scheduled to have heart surgery on Wednesday.

German Jr. is thought to have shot his mother, Bridget German, 66, brother Douglas, 32, and nephew Calvin Harris, 8, on Saturday before proceeding to the Vangs' on Sunday.

Police say that items found in his vehicle suggest he may have been attempting a copycat of the Jayme Closs abduction, which saw the 13-year-old kidnapped after her parents were killed with a shotgun.

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