Fargo PD deletes tweet about calling child services on parents during protest

The department said it didn't mean to be 'insensitive' with the tweet.
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A now-deleted tweet from the Fargo Police Department encouraged people to call Child Protective Services on parents who kept their children out past the city's curfew.

The city set a curfew, starting at 10 p.m. on Sunday, amid protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. According to Valley News Live, the protest started peacefully but turned violent during the night.

The tweet was in response to someone tweeting to the Fargo Police Department asking them if they're OK with using gas on children and dogs. 

In a statement to BMTN, Fargo PD Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker said:

"The message that was sent out yesterday, was not intended to be insensitive. We understand the concern of many individuals in our community and throughout the country who are upset that children and dogs were in the crowd when OC gas was used to disperse the crowd. Our intentions were genuine when asking for anyone to come forward with parental information regarding those who chose to keep their children in a volatile situation, especially after being ordered to disperse multiple times for over an hour. The Fargo community knows and supports our department in that we strive to provide quality service to anyone who lives, visits or works in Fargo."

The Fargo Police Department said 10 people were arrested for riot during Sunday night's protest, with Schindeldecker noting "The march started off peaceful, and continued throughout our city and West Fargo for several hours until ending up in our downtown area." 

The department's deleted tweets seem to come after a photo circulating on social media claimed rubber bullets were being used against protesters. 

One tweet remains from an apparent threat of tweets from the Fargo PD, which is similar to the Facebook post above. 

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