Federal court sides with MN couple who refuse to film same-sex weddings

The husband-and-wife videographers are attempting to sue the state.

A husband-and-wife videography team who sued over their right to deny services to same-sex couples has won a battle in federal court. 

Carl and Angel Larsen's lawsuit against the state of Minnesota was dismissed by the U.S. District Court in 2017, but on Friday, a federal court reversed that decision.

This allows the couple, who run a St. Cloud business called Telescope Media Group, to proceed with that lawsuit, which argues they have a right refuse to film same-sex weddings — currently forbidden under state law. 

The ruling (which you can read right here), issued by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, agreed with the Larsens that this law violates their First Amendment rights. 

The principle claim of ther lawsuit stated that "the wedding videos are (a form of) speech and they have a First Amendment right to make them for only opposite-sex weddings."

The Larsens are devout Christians; the front page of their company's website proclaims that "Telescope Media Group exists to glorify God through top-quality media production."

This is the latest episode in a legal battle that goes back to 2018, when Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian non-profit organization, filed the suit on behalf of the couple. 

The plaintiffs were the Minnesota Department of Human Rights commissioner and the state attorney general. 

The effort drew widespread public criticism of the Larsens, with a "Boycott Telescope Media Group" page popping up on Facebook.

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