Feds search St. Paul's Hmong Village for misbranded medications

Several illnesses have been linked to the indoor market.
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Federal agents conducted a search of St. Paul's Hmong Village as part of an investigation into the sale of certain medications.

St. Paul police assisted with the "thorough and respectful" search at the Johnson Parkway venue on Wednesday, which followed several reports of illnesses resulting from certain items obtained from businesses at the indoor market.

The Food and Drug Administration has been investigating for months the distribution of misbranded medications, adulterated legend drugs without a prescription, and products containing mercury at Hmong Village.

"Investigators executed the search warrant in a thorough and respectful manner, focusing on vendors suspected of selling the products," St. Paul Police Department said.

"The goal of the effort is to stop the distribution of illegal substances while minimizing any disruption to uninvolved vendors, such as those whose sole purpose is selling food.

"Business operations continued unaffected in the other areas of the Hmong Village during the warrant service."

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No arrests were made in the search, though several citations were handed out to vendors.

Hmong Village is one of two Hmong markets in St. Paul, the other being Hmongtown Marketplace on Como Avenue.

They're mostly known for their broad selection of fresh produce and authentic Hmong cuisine, with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern among their fans.

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