Feud between council, mayor in Lakeland reaches boiling point on Tuesday

Council members and the mayor have been feuding for months.
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For months now, the Minnesota City of Lakeland has been embroiled in a feud between its mayor and its city council, which came to a head at a meeting on Tuesday.

It was then that the city council voted to strip Mayor Richard Glasgow of several powers, with FOX 9 reporting it includes responsibility for the city's public buildings security, IT and public works commission.

It comes amid a power struggle between Glasgow and the council, which just last week saw the mayor lock up city hall after accusing the council of failing to post a satisfactory notice ahead of a planned Friday meeting.

Earlier this year, Glasgow set up a separate City of Lakeland website, eventually redirecting the "official" city website to his new one.

The Pioneer Press reported that the City Attorney wrote a member to the council, ordering that the original website be restored as the dueling website posed a liability risk given that the official site handles private data.

But the problems stem back to last year, with the council and Glasgow feuding over how council vacancies should be filled.

As the Star Tribune reports, some local residents raised concerns when Glasgow appointed Council Member Jim Stanton to two part-time positions that paid in excess of what councilors receive for their service.

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Stanton resigned from his position in February, saying it was in the "council's best interests."

Stanton's resignation was followed in May by Tami Fahey, who resigned as she said the "city is currently engaging in behavior I can no longer support,” per the Pioneer Press, adding: "I honestly hope Lakeland can find a way to repair the rift, come together and be a city we can be proud of once again."

Glasgow, who wasn't in attendance at Tuesday's meeting, tells KSTP he didn't want to detract from city business.

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