First it was a library, now St. Paul candidate also banned from Target Field

He swore at and then wrestled with security guards trying to remove him from the stadium.
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David Martinez Target Field

A day after being banned from St. Paul public libraries, city council candidate David Martinez found himself banned from Target Field as well.

The Ward 4 candidate posted a video of an altercation he had with security guards at a Twins game last week, as they asked him to leave for vaulting railings between the seats and the bar area.

What followed was a verbal exchange that saw Martinez, who is of Puerto Rican descent, initially threaten to report the staff to the Twins' diversity officer. He then starts swearing at the guards as they began to usher him out of his seat.

"Don't touch me, you're about to get slapped," he tells the security guard at one point. "Don't put your hands on me, I'm gonna f------ knock you out."

He went on to call the guard a "f----- moron" and an "idiot," and refused to leave his seat.

Several security guards tried to remove him, prompting a tussle in the seats in front of spectators at the July 6 game against the Baltimore Orioles.

Two Minneapolis police officers then turned up to remove him from the stadium.

Here's the video – warning, it contains offensive language.

A day earlier, Martinez was banned from St. Paul public libraries for a month after getting into a verbal altercation with staff and security at the George Latimer Central Library.

He says he was sticking up for a black teen who'd been asked the leave the premises, but proceeded to swear at staff as he came to his aid.

The Pioneer Press reports Martinez has been issued with a "no trespass" order and banned from Target Field for a year. 

He said he intends to take legal action against the Twins, saying he was "manhandled" and bruised in the incident.

"I was assaulted by the security team at Target Field (Minneapolis, MN)," Martinez wrote on his YouTube post. "No wonder people of color do not attend Minnesota Twins baseball games!"

BMTN has reached out to the Twins for comment.

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