Following misinformation claims, Dr. Scott Jensen says medical board's investigation is over

The state lawmaker went viral earlier in the pandemic due to comments he made about death certificates.
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Scott Jensen

Dr. Scott Jensen, who represents Chaska in the Minnesota House of Representatives, says the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice has ended its investigation into comments he made during the pandemic. 

Jensen, a Republican and a family physician, shared the news in a few Facebook posts on Tuesday, saying the board was dismissing the complaints and no further action would be taken.

Earlier this summer, Jensen said the state medical board was investigating, focusing on "reckless advice" he had given by comparing COVID-19 with the flu, as well as comments he made regarding Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for the completion of death certificates in an interview with Fargo news broadcaster Chris Berg in April – which went viral. He also appeared on FOX News amid the misinformation investigation.

"I was forced to respond to allegations from accusers I could not face. These people threatened to uproot my practice, my profession, and my life," he said. 

He added: "It was not easy, but the circumstances which propelled me to respond to unfair allegations were the same ones which necessitated my speaking out. A worldwide transparent dialogue was never something I imagined, but I believe it was healthy," he wrote in a post on Tuesday

The board, however, would not confirm the investigation had been opened and on Tuesday it would not confirm the investigation had ended. Executive Director Ruth Martinez told BMTN:

"The Board of Medical Practice is unable to confirm or disclose nonpublic complaint and investigative data. Only a disciplinary or corrective action resulting from a complaint investigation becomes public."

You can find more background about Dr. Jensen's comments on the coronavirus here.

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