Former downtown hairdresser groped 2 more women, charges say

The ex Juut Salon stylist is facing two more charges.
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A former stylist at a downtown Minneapolis salon is accused of groping two more women, having previously been charged with criminal sexual conduct.

Vincent Sechi, 31, of Bloomington, allegedly groped the women, who are in their late teens, while all three were students at the Atelier Academy of Beauty in Hopkins this past fall.

The complaint against Sechi says he had told his classmates that he could offer free neck massages at the end of their class.

The first victim took him up on the offer in early October, but during the massage he reached down the front of her chest, under her shirt and bra, and began groping her breasts.

She told police she was "in shock" after it happened, and later felt "angry and sad." He told her during the groping that she could tell him to stop, at which point she made an excuse to end the massage and walked away.

She avoided him the following weeks, prompting Sechi to approach her in November and ask if she "hated him." When she told him he made her uncomfortable, he admitted, "I crossed the line."

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The second victim went through a similar experience, receiving a massage to her neckline before he then reached down her shirt and bra "more than once."

The victim abruptly stood up and walked away from him, telling police she found the experience "upsetting and scary."

Sechi first hit the headlines in March, when he was charged with groping the breasts of a customer at his job at the Juut Salon in Gaviidae Common in downtown Minneapolis.

The salon's head office said it had fired Sechi after speaking with police, and apologized to the victim.

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