Professional runner Gabe Grunewald enters end of life care after cancer fight

The 32-year-old has inspired many during her battle with cancer.
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Gabe Grunewald, the champion runner who has inspired many during her brave battle with cancer, has entered end of life care.

The latest update on Instagram from her husband Justin revealed that her condition "worsened" overnight as a result of worsening liver function.

"Wanting to do her no harm we have made the difficult decision to move her to comfort cares this afternoon," he wrote on Sunday.

"I wanted to let you all know while she is still alive so you can send her one last message her or on her wall or on her phone before she heads up to heaven."

The 32-year-old native of Perham, Minnesota, managed to carve out a successful professional running career despite being diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma while she ran for the Gophers in 2009.

The Star Tribune notes she finished 2nd in the 1,500m in the 2010 NCAA championships and narrowly missed out on the 2012 Olympic team, before giving up professional running in 2017.

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She continued to run to raise money and awareness for cancer treatments, and as recently as a month ago had planned to run in a 5K for her Brave Like Gabe Foundation, though a trip to the hospital forced her to cancel.

Justin Grunewald, who also ran for the Gophers, shared a message that he says he wrote for his wife a few years ago, saying, among other things: "Brave flails in comparison to what you are to me and to so many people out there facing the simplest and silliest of struggles in day to day life."

You can read more about the Brave Like Gabe Foundation here.

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