Former Lakeville principal gets more than 8 years for numerous crimes

Stalking and burglary were among the charges he admitted.
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A former Lakeville middle school principal will spend more than 5 years in prison after being sentenced for a series of crimes carried out over several years.

Chris Endicott, the former principal of Century Middle School, was sentenced to 8 years and 6 months in prison at a court hearing on Monday, of which he'll spend 5 years and 9 months in custody and the rest on supervised release.

It comes after he pleaded guilty to crimes including stalking, burglary and identity theft in which he targeted ex-partners, school colleagues and neighbors over a period of years.

Among his stalking victims was an ex-girlfriend, a colleague of his wife's, and even a detective who had been assigned to investigate him for stalking.

The Apple Valley 51-year-old also burglarized a neighbor, as well as one of his renters, and stole the identity of the ex he stalked by opening financial accounts in her name.

KSTP reports that a victim impact statement was read out in the court on behalf of Lakeville Area Schools superintendent Michael Baumann, who said Endicott "created a toxic climate of fear and suspicion at Century Middle School."

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"In the words of one of our teachers from Century, 'Mr. Endicott took that trust and our sense of safety away, not only at school but also in our homes and our personal lives. His actions had a profound and lasting impact on us'," the statement, which you can read here, added.

Others who spoke out at the hearing included his former neighbors who were victims of burglary by Endicott.

Speaking at the sentencing, KARE 11 reports that Endicott told the court that there is "no excuse for his actions," but the Dakota County prosecutor called Endicott manipulative and a "narcissist."

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