Former youth basketball coach charged in new child sex abuse case

Aaron Hjermstad has been charged in two other cases.

A former youth basketball coach is facing another charge of criminal sexual conduct following the re-evaluation of a case raised in 2015.

Aaron Hjermstad, 41, of Brooklyn Center, is already facing criminal sexual conduct charges in a case involving a preteen student athlete while he was working at the Mastery School and Hospitality House Youth Development.

On Friday, he was charged again by Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, who said it follows the reevaluation of a case from 2015, when a middle school age boy told police that Hjermstad made the boy touch him inappropriately.

Hjermstad was the victim's basketball coach at the time, with the victim telling staff at CornerHouse the abuse happened after a Timberwolves game, when he was staying overnight at Hjermstad's home.

It's believed to have happened during November or December 2014, with the victim saying he then pretended to be asleep so Hjermstad wouldn't assault him further.

It happened again in March 2015, when the victim again stayed at Hjermstad's house along with his teammates. The victim was told he would spend the night in Hjermstad's room, and said he "stayed awake all night out of fear" and saw Hjermstad look up his shorts at one point.

One of the victim's teammates also spoke to staff at CornerHouse, and confirmed that the victim had told him about Hjermstad touching him inappropriately.

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