Fox News poll of Minnesota shows Joe Biden with large lead over President Donald Trump

Gov. Tim Walz also has a large approval rating, while most Minnesotans show support for face mask wearing.
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A new poll issued by Fox News has found Democrat Joe Biden with a 13-point lead over incumbent President Donald Trump ahead of November's election.

The poll released Thursday found that among registered voters in Minnesota, 51 percent plan to vote for Biden compared to 38 percent for Trump, with the poll having a 3.5 percent margin or error.

The Trump campaign has identified Minnesota as a possible pickup opportunity this November after he lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by only 1.7 percent, but the latest poll paints a bad picture for his prospects.

Trump is faring particularly poorly among women, urban, and suburban voters, with Trump having a lead with rural voters and white men without college degrees.

With the suburbs expected to play a pivotal role in this year's result, Biden currently has a 12-point lead on Trump, while among suburban women the gulf is 59-27 in favor of Biden.

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Biden also has a lead among all age groups, including an 18-point lead in over 65s.

Minnesota voters also believe that Biden would do a better job than Trump at handling the coronavirus (55-32), race relations (57-29), dealing with China (49-39), and even the economy – albeit at 46-45 this is within the margin of error.

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It should be noted that 47 percent of those who responded to the poll identified themselves as Democrats, 39 percent as Republicans, and 14 percent as independents or "other."

The Star Tribune's Matt DeLong says that while an 8 percent Democratic advantage over Republicans is "generally in line" with other polls, there are typically more than 14 percent who describe themselves as independents.

Trump's disapproval rating stands at 58 percent in Minnesota with 48 percent of respondents saying they have a "strongly unfavorable" view of him, compared to 40 percent who have a favorable view, of whom 22 percent said they do "strongly."

Biden's favorability rating is 53 percent favorable, 43 percent unfavorable.

Support for Gov. Walz, face masks, BLM, police

The poll also asked Minnesota voters about their views on a number of other issues that have been in the headlines recently.

Gov. Tim Walz, who has been in the spotlight amid the state's response to COVID-19, still has broad support across Minnesota, with 65 percent approving of the job he's doing as governor, compared to 30 percent who disapprove.

And with Minnesota's statewide face mask mandate coming into effect Saturday, 85 percent of Minnesotans polled have favorable views of those who wear face masks, compared to 9 percent unfavorable.

There is also broad support among Minnesotans for their local police (80-17 favorable/unfavorable) amid the scrutiny of law enforcement following the death of George Floyd, and a majority have a favorable view of the Black Lives Matter movement (56 percent favorable to 39 percent unfavorable).

Sen. Tina Smith, who faces off against Jason Lewis in this year's Senate race, has 41 percent favorability and 25 percent unfavorable, though 23 percent say they've never heard of her.

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