Frey, Arradondo announce expanded reporting requirement for MPD use-of-force incidents

Officers must report any de-escalation attempts when force is used.
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As the latest police reform effort following the killing of George Floyd, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced new policies that aim to increase accountability in police use-of-force incidents.

Frey and Minneapolis Police Department Chief Medaria Arradondo announced the changes Tuesday. Under the new policy, officers would be required to report any de-escalation attempts when force is used. Officers will also have to document uses of force including handcuffing and drawing a firearm and report why such action was used.

Officers should also notify their supervisors and submit the report before the end of their shift.

“This change will instill a stronger emphasis on de-escalation and help effectively curb excessive use of force by ensuring our officers center de-escalation in any-and-all interactions between officers and the community,” Frey said in a statement.

“These comprehensive reporting requirements will help reinforce de-escalation as the first resort, increase accountability where de-escalation is an after-thought, and provide improved data to head off problematic interactions before they happen.”

Officers would also be required to document actions including using a chemical agent. If medical attention is given, officers must also document that.

The new policy is set to take effect Friday.

The policy announcement comes as the Minneapolis City Council voted last month to take the more drastic step of beginning the process of dismantling MPD.

The Council sent a charter amendment to the Charter Commission that would end up on the November ballot. The amendment would eliminate a requirement that the city fund MPD and instead make room for a new public safety department. 

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