Fundraiser seeks to help dad who was shot while stopping a carjacking

It happened outside Sherwin Williams in Uptown Minneapolis.
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He put himself in the line of fire to save a stranger from a crime, and now his friends and family are rallying the community to return the favor.

Last Tuesday, Jacob Babcock was shot while intervening in an attempted carjacking outside the Sherwin Williams on Lake Street, his place of work.

According to the GoFundMe campaign set up on his behalf, he was inside the store when he and a co-worker heard a woman screaming outside. 

They ran out to help and were able to stop the robbery, but as Babcock confronted the suspects, "he was shot in the back as he was leaving their car while attempting to read their license plate," the GoFundMe says.

The campaign, which was set up by a family friend, notes that he is now in stable condition but suffered serious injuries to his lungs, shoulder and ribs, and "has a long recovery ahead of him."

Organizers have a goal of $50,000; as of this writing, they're within striking distance of that goal, with over $46,000 raised so far. 

The money is aimed at helping Babcock's family with medical expenses. He's a father to two young children.

It's not clear if police have made any arrests yet. As WCCO notes, witnesses described seeing "several men" attempting to rob the woman, and that the robbers "sped off" after the incident. 

The day after the shooting, Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo issued a statement warning about a recent uptick in robberies and carjackings in the department's 3rd and 5th precincts, the latter of which covers Uptown. 

In July alone, 100 robberies and 20 carjackings were reported to the 3rd Precinct.

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