Fundraisers launched for pair shot in face during Twin Cities protests

A GoFundMe page for Ethan Marks has raised more than $17,000.

A pair of GoFundMe campaigns have been launched for two young Minnesotans who were allegedly injured by crowd control measures during last month's George Floyd protests.

Both Ethan Marks and Sharon Morara say they were protesting peacefully in Minneapolis in late May when they were struck in the face.

Marks, a college student, says he was cleaning up the streets with his mother Anne when he was struck by a tear gas canister allegedly fired by law enforcement, which has left him blind in his right eye.

His mother has launched a fundraising campaign that has so far received $17,000 towards his recovery.

Marks also suffered fractured bones in his face. He has already had nose surgery and faces future producers, according to the GoFundMe.

Morara, aged 17, says in her fundraising page: "All I remember was that I was standing by this tree, was about to turn around, and I got hit."

She suffered serious damage to her face, and has been told she would need plastic surgery to "fix my lip and smile" as well as for scar reduction.

The fundraiser is aimed at helping her mother pay for the surgery, noting that not all plastic surgeons take their insurance while those that do require a downpayment.

"My mom is a single mom and she recently got the bill for the two hospitals I went to and the ambulance ride," she added.

BMTN has reached out to Minneapolis Police Department and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for comment about the claims made by Marks and Morara.

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There were several instances of protesters and journalists being injured by police during the protests and riots.

A Tennessee-based journalist was also blinded in one eye when she was shot with a less-lethal bullet during demonstrations. Linda Tirado was shot on May 29 while a citywide curfew was in effect, despite being exempt from the order as a journalist.

Tirado is now suing the city Minneapolis Police Department Chief Medaria Arradondo, Minnesota State Patrol Commander Col. Matthew Langer, Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Lt. Bob Kroll and Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington.

Other journalists from outlets including the Star Tribune and WCCO were injured by less-lethal bullets and tear gas. 

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