Group of boys steal cars, go on Twin Cities joyrides

Six juvenile teens, most of the 15 or younger, were caught by police early Friday morning.
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A group of six teenage boys stole a rental car from Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and used it to travel to the southwest Twin Cities, where they stole a truck.

The two stolen vehicles were stopped by police on Minnesota 5 and Bavaria Road in Victoria, Carver County at about 1:15 a.m. Friday, who initially thought they were witnessing a road rage incident.

It turns out, the six teens – five of whom were aged 15 and under, the other being 17 – had stolen a Toyota rental car from near MSP Airport and driven it to Victoria, where they began tampering with other cars.

One of these vehicles, a Dodge Ram 1500, had been left unlocked with the keys in the center console, which the teenagers then stole.

The truck also contained a laptop, iPad, the owner's wallet and a GPS, the Carver County Sheriff's Office said.

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When police pulled them over, three of the boys were in one car and the other three were in the truck.

Four of the six initially provided false names and dates of birth, but police were eventually able to identify them.

One of the boys is being held in a detention center on charges of car theft, car tampering, and providing false information to law enforcement.

The other five were eventually released to their parents, but the incident remains under investigation and further action could follow.

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