George Floyd memorial at 38th and Chicago vandalized

The suspect was identified on social media after he was apprehended by community security.
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The memorial at the intersection where George Floyd was killed in the hands of Minneapolis police has been vandalized.

According to posts from community members on social media, the mural depicting Floyd was vandalized when a suspect was seen blacking out his eyes using spray paint. 

The intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, near Cup Foods, has been a memorial site to Floyd since his killing in late May. The area is patrolled by community members as an alternative to traditional police.

After the suspect vandalized the memorial, a community security guard chased him down, according to a Facebook post. When the suspect was found, local resident Marcia Howard spoke to him, according to the Minnesota Reformer.

The Reformer also spoke to the vandal, identified as 26-year-old medical student Daniel Michelson, who claimed he'd gotten drunk by himself and went to deface the memorial without understanding what he was doing, claiming it wasn't "premeditated."

Police were not called, as is becoming the policy with incidents that happen around the area dubbed "George Floyd Square."

The city initially moved to reopen the intersection of 38th and Chicago by removing traffic barriers, but halted that action after community pushback.

City leaders will begin talks about a phased reopening again on Thursday.

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