Chaotic scenes in Minneapolis as George Floyd protest clashes with police

The protest has moved to a police precinct in south Minneapolis.
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The massive protest over the death of George Floyd has led to chaotic scenes in Minneapolis on Tuesday evening.

There have been videos showing protesters throwing objects at police squad cars, with police responding by deploying officers in riot gear who shot rubber bullets and deployed tear gas.

The scenes unfolded as a huge crowd started the protest at 38th and Chicago, the scene of George Floyd's arrest that was followed shortly after by his death.

It then made its way to the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct at Hiawatha and Lake Street, where one of the entrance doors has also been smashed and some protesters gained access to the parking lot.

With several rounds of tear gas deployed, a mist of the gas could be seen near the protesters, with several seen self-administering requiring treatment for eye injuries.

Among those hit by a rubber bullet during the standoff between protesters and police was Star Tribune reporter Andy Mannix.

The protest has grown to a size reminiscent of, and perhaps greater than that seen for the death of Philando Castile at the hands of officers in St. Anthony in July 2016.

Floyd died at Hennepin County Medical Center shortly after an incident with police in which he was arrested and held to the ground with an officer's knee on his neck, with the 46-year-old telling officers "I can't breathe."

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Police claimed Floyd "physically resisted officers" prior to being taken to the ground and handcuffed. 

More video has emerged on Tuesday showing some of the moments leading up to his arrest.

But neither videos below, obtained by CBS News and FOX 9, show the moment where officers brought Floyd to the ground. The officers involved, who were fired on Tuesday, were wearing their bodycams at the time.

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