Go inside, Minneapolis: Video shows police fire marking rounds on people standing outside front door

An unreal situation unfolding in Minneapolis.
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Police patrolling a Minneapolis street fired marking rounds at people standing on their front porch in a video that's going viral.

Tanya Kerssen posted the video to Twitter, asking the public to share it widely after officers walking down a residential street in the Whittier neighborhood fired marking rounds at them for standing outside. 

Kerssen and at least one other person were watching the armored car and armed officers proceeding down their street, when they were warned multiple times to "go inside now." 

After multiple commands, one said "light 'em up," with one officer shooting multiple paint rounds at them, with at least one person being hit near their waist. 

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Minneapolis is under curfew, as of 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. Sunday. The curfew requires people not to travel on city streets, sidewalks or freeways, but doesn't mention anything about where they must be on their own property. Minneapolis residents have however been told to stay inside after 8 p.m.

Minneapolis police have been joined by more than 4,100 National Guard troops, including assistance from the State Patrol and county law enforcement as part of the city and state's response to violent demonstrations that have left a trail a destruction in the days since George Floyd died while in-custody of Minneapolis police. 

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