Gov. Tim Walz activates Minnesota National Guard amid spring flooding

There is major flooding in northwestern Minnesota.
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While the coronavirus has been dominating attention over the past month, another emergency that is presenting itself in Minnesota currently is spring flooding.

Gov. Tim Walz on Wednesday has announced Executive Order 20-30, activating the Minnesota National Guard to assist parts of the state facing a high risk of spring flooding.

The governor has also recently activated the National Guard to help with Minnesota's response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

They will immediately provide assistance to the Marshall County Sheriff and the city of Oslo, which is at high risk of flooding.

The National Guard will monitor dikes and flood protection systems, as well as supporting potential rescue and evacuation efforts.

There are currently flood warnings in place for Marshall County, in northwestern Minnesota, which was hit by an additional series of rain and snowfalls that has caused the Red River to swell.

The subsequent flooding has already seen the closure of multiple roads around Oslo, prompting Minnesota Homeland Security director Joe Kelly to describe it as having turned the town "into an island."

The Minnesota National Guard says nearly 20 soldiers from Moorhead are being mobilized to Oslo.

"While COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge for our state, it is not the only emergency our first responders are preparing for,” said Governor Walz.

"Our National Guard remains ready to support our communities’ health, safety and public infrastructure."

Walz's announcement notes that multiple other counties have declared local emergencies in response to the 2020 spring snowmelt.

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