Gov. Tim Walz: Don't go on a hoarding spree at grocery stores

A "Stay at Home" order goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. Friday, but grocery stores will still be open.
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After issuing a "Stay at Home" order starting in Minnesota at the end of the working week, Gov. Tim Walz urged residents not to resort to panic buying.

The order enhancing the shutdown in Minnesota to include more non-essential businesses will come into force at 11:59 p.m. Friday, sparking concerns that there will be another run on grocery stores similar to that seen in recent weeks.

But the "Stay at Home" order does not include grocery stores, pharmacies, or even liquor stores, with the governor's office making it clear that after the order is in place, stores and food supply chains will be "sufficiently stocked with enough food and essential items for all Minnesotans."

It's for this reason Walz is cautioning people against hoarding supplies, lest we see more scenes of empty toilet paper shelves across the state.

"I urge you not to take our Stay at Home Order as an opportunity to stockpile more than you need," Walz said. 

"Our stores will have food and other necessary supplies, and our grocery store workers are keeping things stocked. This is about social distancing and taking precautions to save lives."

The Stay at Home order makes it clear Minnesotans can still leave their homes to pick up groceries, food, prescriptions, and gas, as well as relocate for safety reasons, or go to work if they're considered an essential worker.

"If you leave your home, practice social distancing measures and keep six feet between you and those around you," the governor's office says. "Everyone is encouraged to stay active outside during this time, provided they practice safe social distancing."

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