Gov. Tim Walz says AG Keith Ellison will lead George Floyd prosecutions

He will take over the lead from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.
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Attorney General Keith Ellison will lead the prosecution of George Floyd case henceforth, Gov. Tim Walz announced on Sunday evening.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman filed murder charges on Friday against Derek Chauvin, who put his knee on the neck of Floyd prior to his death. The investigation into the three other officers continues.

But it was announced Sunday that Ellison, who has been a leading civil rights voice throughout his legal and political career, will lead the prosecution of Chauvin and the pursuit of charges against the other officers.

Of the protesters, Walz said "they don't trust the process, they don't believe justice can be served, they believe system works well as designed – to deny justice to communities of color."

"Keith Ellison, our Attorney General, needs to lead this case. I say that with a lot of experience to say it."

He said he has worked alongside Ellison since entering Congress in 2006, during which time he saw him "gain the respect" of the Congress.

Freeman had said earlier this weekend that he would be pursuing the prosecution jointly with the AG, but it's now apparent that Ellison will be leading it.

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"We will bring all the resources necessary to bring justice in this case," Ellison said. "I had an excellent conversation with Freeman and we will be working together."

"Tonight I'm not prepared to talk about what the charges are going to be, who will be charged, it's too early," he said.

"Prosecuting police is very difficult. Every single link under prosecutorial chain will come under attack, and we intend to be absolutely prepared. We are pursuing justice, and truth, we are doing so vigorously, and we are pursuing accountability."

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